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TSA - vs - CATSA

I am writing this from the airport in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

I just went through security not 10 minutes ago.

Here's how it went down.

While I stood in line with wife and we made sure that anything metal or electronic was in our carry-on bags to make sure we didn't set off any metal detectors when we went though them.

My wife steps on this mat thing that I believe is like a random number (arrow) generator that tell you which security line to stand in. (IE: line 1 or 2 or 3, etc.)

The arrow points and the security guard says "Go on down to number 2." in a cheery voice. He then looks at me and says "You, too!"

I say, "I don't have to step on the mat?"

He says while waving his hand in a playfully dismissive way, "No, it's okay."

"Thanks!" I say.

We move into our line, which only has a couple people because everything moves so fast here, and the security was helping the people in front of us get their stuff into the baskets while joking with them about something.

We started to put our stuff into the baskets.

The guy says "You have to be standing on this side of the table."

(we were at the end of the metal table thing instead of the side)

The security guy on the scanner says, "Yeah! You tell 'em!"

We all laugh.

My wife goes though the metal detector without issue.

I walk though the metal detector without issue.

No one ever touches us.

While I am putting my laptop back, it's being a little difficult in fitting into the bag.

The security guy says, "Don't rush it."

I say, "Oh, it's just a little hard to fit in sometimes."

He says, "I could say something right now, but I'd get in trouble."

I say, "That's what she said?"

He said, "Exactly."

I wrote the story here first: http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/er14g/tsa_vs_catsa_halifax_nova_scotia_canada/

What makes it unwise?

I was browsing my facebook today when this gem of a status update came along:

"I was watching a US cable news show tonight, and watched a supporter of the Ground Zero Mosque insisting that the US Constitution grants the right to build such a mosque at that location. IMHO, that would be insensitive and unwise, as would the US media and citizens exercising their right to free press and free speech by publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed."

There were some replies, many of them just barking the same "Yes I agree it's unwise!!"
I had to say something.

So here was my reply:

"What makes it unwise?

What connection to people behind this community centre have to the people who flew the planes into the Towers, other than the fact that they follow the same (or perhaps only similar) religion as the terrorists?

There are 1.5 billion muslims in the world.
Do all of them have to personally apologize for the actions of a small fraction of crazies?

Do all republicans have to apologize for Timothy McVeigh's Oklahoma City bombing and should no republican recruitment centres be built within, say... what..., a 20 - 30 block radius of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building site ever again?

Is it because it will be unsafe for them to be there be cause of racists and hate mongers wanting to harm them?

Is that a good way to live?
Let the crazies and the racist among us dictate to us how we should live out our lives and how we get to practice our rights?

What difference does 2 blocks make.
There is a mosque 4 blocks away already.
I am not even going to bother explaining about how this is a community centre first and mosque 10th.

This building has been in the planning for over a year now and even FOX NEWS congratulated them on it last year when it wasn't election season.
All this hype is political in nature and the patsies go along for a ride they don't even know they are on."

Everything’s coming up Milhouse

If you are in Halifax, NS, or plan to be, on Halloween weekend, you might want to pick up your tickets to Hal-Con.
The whole event is shaping up to be even more than we could have imagined.
We have people calling our phones almost daily.
And by people I mean companies.
Just last night we had someone call us from Warner Bros.
Something else having to do with the Vice President of Disney.
We've took another call last night from a Comic Artist with IDW wishing to join a panel and get some table time.
People are buying tickets at a faster rate.
Look's like everything's coming up Milhouse.

Mowing My Yard!!

Today was the first time I mowed my lawn!
Last weekend I bought a Cordless Electric Mower!!

Man that thing is quiet.
You can easily carry-on a conversation without any trouble.
I could have taken a cell phone call and not had to stop mowing while talking.
Cordless electric mowers are the shit!

Also, I now know that my yard with long, slightly wet, grass is ALMOST enough to drain about 3/4ths of the battery.
Maybe 4/5ths.


Nintendo Neighborhood Tour in Town

Apparently the Nintendo Neighbourhood Tour is in town starting today till Sunday.


"The Tour kicks off August 10th and will be stopping by Real Canadian Superstore® and Maxi & Cie stores across Canada. Take a stroll down Wii Street or Nintendo DSi Drive, or visit the Nintendo Gazebo to enjoy activities for the whole family!

  • Play games on Wii and the Nintendo DSi XL

  • Learn more about Club Nintendo and connectivity

  • Enjoy food & drink onsite (while supplies last/where available)

  • Events occur on Fridays (12-5pm), Saturdays and Sundays (11am-6pm).

August 13-15

HALIFAX - Atlantic Superstore
3601 Joseph Howe Dr
Halifax, NS"

It might be worth dropping into on the way home from work. :)

Take the time.

Marsha - Scott pilgrim is actually better the second time.
Travis and Chris Cinnamon like this.

Chris Cinnamon - It was so crescent fresh I loved it.

Curtis  - im guessing u heard thing u did the first time cuz not every on was as loud???

Travis -@Curtis:
What the fuck are you talking about?
Slow down and take the time to spell words correctly.
I have absolutely no idea what you just said.

Going to Toronto

By midnight I'll be in Toronto! :D

I'll be spending the long weekend doing fun things!
We found out about the Toronto City Pass and we'll be doing 4 out of the 5 things on that list!
I know that Jen also wants to go to the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre!
The weather looks like it's going to be fantastic as well!

This started off as a joke.
A few of us were discussing about how funny it would be to make this years camping trip into a Toronto trip.

While we are there we would all wear shirts that all have the words "CANCER" written on them and we'd go find James (and old friend, now enemy. It's a long story, but it ends with him moving back to Toronto and cutting all the "cancer" out of his life, A.K.A. Me and my friends.) and follow him around during his daily activities.

The thought of trolling him was funny but impracticable.
However, the IDEA of going to Toronto for a trip started to stick in our minds.
After a couple weeks of talking about it, a few of us have decided to float the idea to the others to see what they think and if they would like to go.
So now a few of us are going to the big TeeDot.

The whole weekend is going to be a blast.
And best of all... more photos for the webcomic! :D


Everything went better than expected.

I just made this for a friend who was worried about passing an exam for his work.

Jul. 15th, 2010

What a hectic day.

I took the day off work today, not to relax, but to clean my apartment and pack.
I did so many things around the house that it will kill me to touch anything again for fear of making things messy again.
At least I got a few more boxes packed.
It looks like there is currently about 30 boxes packed and siting in my living room.
If I weren't so tired right now, I'd get up and take a picture.
It also kinda sucks that they are showing our apartment right now as well.
There were people in today and there is another appointment for 11am tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I am going to be driving to Moncton to go to Animinitime to work a table for Hal-Con. Apparently I am also bringing up my TV and an Xbox due to some idiot deciding he doesn't feel like going to the convention now, it's left them scrambling for gear for the games room.
I don't really mind that much as I had brought my TV to Animinitime when it was here in Halifax, due to a severe lack of Super Street Fighter 4 being played.

I hope it's a fun day!


Packing for moving!

Moving in 2 weeks!
I packed 14 boxes on Wednesday!
Didn't realize I have 3 large boxes worth of mangas.

The 2010 Halifax Zombie Walk is on Sunday!
I think I should be able to get out to it.
I doubt I'll be in costume, but I'll be there taking photographs and what not.
Never know what I'll be able to use for the comic! :D

Here's a video from last year!

We are still trying to figure out if we can make it out to Animinitime in Moncton next weekend.
So much to do, so little time!